15 years, Within this short period of time, it has achieved great recognition among foreign buyers. The Company has been engaged in the , export as well as import of various items. The production of, Industrial Equipment Machinery, Contraction Equipment, Power Tools, Home Appliances, Hardware, Foods,Minerals  is under the name of Shree Sahjanand International. These items are sold in the domestic market itself. The Company has a long list of its esteemed buyers across the globe. We export items of good and well known brands, which enable us to stand the cut throat competition in the international market among various foreign competitors.

The Company has ventured into international market by exporting various products.All our products are revered all over the world. Further, we always value the time and money of the customers. It is the clients who finally reward our dedication and commitment. Our products are liked and demanded by our foreign buyers.

The strength of Shree Sahjanand International Export and Import’s success lies in an innovative approach to buying and selling bulk building materials, building hardware, marble, granite and grocery products as a strategic partner with extensive international ties. Our expert multinational trading team have many year of experience sourcing products around the world at the lowest price. Shree Sahjanand International Export and Imports is your trusted trading partner in building business for building materials, building hardware, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and grocery and more.

The main goal of Shree Sahjanand International Exports And Imports is to relieve stress from our clients. We have a broad knowledge of sea transport and can provide you excellent service. Because we have an effective management, AEI creates customizable and multimodal transporting solutions.

We will arrange the import and export of your goods. By road or by sea a combination of these. Shree Sahjanand International coordinates the logistics from the origin to the final destination.

With our network Shree Sahjanand International offers you the possibility to deliver goods to every destination in the world. You will need an appropriate document for importing and/or exporting goods.All our employees are educated all-round field. This means that you can contact any of our employees for both sea and air transport.


To develop long-term partnerships by offering quality and professional tailor-made logistics solutions

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